Beginnings Of My Poetry Writing

Poetry Bridge

Beginnings Of Writing Poetry:

I’ve found myself writing a lot of poetry of late. Not sure where that’s come from but suddenly it’s become a part of my everyday life.

Wasn’t like I set out to do it in any way, just had a few things that I needed to express in words and suddenly it all came pouring out to the point that I’ve written more than one on notes while walking to work.

Seems my brain has locked itself into the idea now so it’s always ticking away in the background.

I wrote a few back in the summer, maybe 3 or 4, but have probably written close to forty this year.

Have ranged from the obvious things like love and romance to what I want for myself in the future, and waiting for that to happen. Have even written two about my old job that contains more than one swear word as it’s about someone in particular. (I’m not normally negative or hateful in any way but couldn’t help myself on that one).

Have found myself really enjoying writing poetry.

Isn’t just something to pass the time.

Am even floating the idea in my head of putting together some kind of ebook or something in the future if I ever build up the courage to share them with more than a couple of friends.

Any Good?

The problem I have is I have no idea if they’re any good or not as all feel quite personal.

Like I’m too close to all of them to judge in any way and wouldn’t know what to look for quality wise anyway as my taste in poetry (Like photography) is all over the place.

They all have a lot of meaning to me rather than being about things that inspire me.

They’re more about experiences or something that represents something close to an experience. I find that the only way to write when it comes to poetry. I can cover genres and make stuff up all day long when it comes to script writing or fiction, but not poetry.

But I definitely think that it’s something that’s going to stay with me now.

Has been somewhat therapeutic while also being another outlet for my writing that seems to be growing everyday. Give it a month or two and I’m sure I’ll be writing Haiku’s or short stories (although do already have one or two of them).

Current Writing

Feel like this current stretch of writing creativity has been the longest in my life without burning out, and needing a break, and wonder how much of that is because I’ve mixed things up a little.

Spent six months pretty much non stop working on a couple of different scripts which is normally when I burn out for a month or two with the mental strain I put on myself, and lack of sleep.

But now I’ve taken a break from that to write a book and plenty of poetry.

Maybe that’s the key to keeping it going. Just needed to change format for a little bit.

Am itching to get back to script writing but can feel the break from it is doing me well while I’m also getting other writing done.

Long may it continue.



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