Brighton, Oh How I’ve Missed You

Brighton Pier

Brighton I’ve missed you:

It’s been over a year since I’ve been to one of my two favourite places in England but yesterday I finally got myself into gear and went to Brighton.

I won’t go into the reasons why it’s taken me so long to get back to Brighton but I really have missed the place. I love the Lanes, the beach, the food, especially Ben’s Cookie’s which I made sure I visited right away.

The whole place just has a vibe I love.

If I ever saw myself in England for the rest of my life Brighton would be where I settle.

The Trip

Like many of my trips to Brighton once again the sun was not shining. It had every day before when I’d been working but typically for my day off no sign of the sun at all.

Not because it was raining.

It literally could not have been more misty if it tried.

I hoped all the train journey down there that it would lift, it had the previous day. But no chance. Just got worse and worse.

Wasn’t a total bust as hanging underneath Brighton Pier with my camera and that level of mist did give me a chance to take a few spooky shots. Also a couple I thought really worked well with the total white backdrop.

So that was fun.

But looking out to sea I couldn’t see more than 10 foot in front of me at times.

The lanes didn’t fare much better. A cover of white remained all day.

What Did I Do?

Other than exploring the lanes once again, and seeing that a few things have changed since last time I was in Brighton, the main thing I wanted to do was go to the beach.

It wasn’t exactly beach weather between the mist and the cold but I just like being by the sea. Luckily where I live the sea is pretty accessible, but I fancied sitting on a different beach looking out at a different view (Even though that didn’t exactly go to plan).

I had a lovely coffee in a place called Marwoods which I’d definitely go back to with my laptop to write. (As mentioned in previous post a cliche I like to do) and also finally got to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time…

… Each noodles out of a carton.

Yes I have ambition 🙂

But honestly I’ve seen it done in nearly every movie I’ve ever watched ever!! and yet never see a place that actually does that. Is it a movie thing or just not something that exists where I live?

Guess I’ll find out when I start travelling again in the future.

How Was my Day Overall?

Overall I had a lovely time in Brighton. I didn’t really do any shopping but just being around the lanes and in the city again was enough.

I get to caught up writing at times and so rarely get out the house that I promised myself all week that I would go no matter what, and I did.

Hopefully the place will feature plenty in my future as I started to venture back to the outside world more and regain control of my life after a year pretty much spent inside.

So now that I’ve finally got back there I don’t think it will be long before I return.








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