Busy Week Out And About For Once

Busy Week Sign

Rarity Of A Busy Week:

To say having a busy week out and about for me is rare would be an understatement. While I’m sure I’ll have plenty of them in the future, the present is a far different story. A busy week for me of late consists of writing, and generally staying indoors with my only venturing outside being going to work.

It made a nice change to actually get out the house.

To see people.

See different places.

Eat different foods.

It’s what I want for myself, but just doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve had one other week where I got out the house everyday so far this year and that was to go and stay at a friends. Was a great week, but again, rare.

So this busy week really was welcome. Much needed.

What Did I Do?

After seeing a friend on Monday and losing at pool for the first time in ten years (He did district me by asking me to be his groomsmen and therefore I had to let him win, least that’s what I’m telling myself) I headed to London for a few days.

This time of year isn’t great for me so I needed a distraction.

And London is always a welcome distraction.

I didn’t have any money spare but I’ve never been afraid of walking so I still got to see plenty.

I hit up some of the normal spots I love, Soho, Leicester Square, Carnaby Street, but also took a long walk to Hyde Park.

There was plenty of walking in my busy week but this was the longest. Leicester square to Kensington High Street via Hyde Park.

With my headphones on and Taiwan Indie bands blaring away I took in the sights of London via foot.

Despite it being the middle of a week there was still people everywhere but nothing to overwhelming.

The sun was shining as I hit the park for the first time in a long time.

My last visits to Hyde Park would have been for the winter wonderland. I don’t think I’ve seen sunshine there since a Foo Fighters gig a long time ago. (Amazing gig for the record. Hearing Everlong and My Hero live is a highlight of my life and something truly special to me).

After taking some photo’s around Hyde Park I met my friend in Kensington and we celebrate his birthday with some lovely Pakistani food and a gorgeous cake.

What Else Did I Do in London:

My busy week continued the next day as I got to see Brixton for the first time.

I have to say, I loved it. Such a great vibe there. My kind of place.

My friends moved close by to Brixton so I’m sure I’ll get to see plenty more in the future and finally get to go to the Ritzy as well. Something I’ve always wanted to do. Love Picture house Cinema’s.

After some gorgeous Asian street food elsewhere I went to my first poetry open mic evening. My friend was performing so was more there for him to begin with, but ended up having a great night.

I didn’t know what to expect.

Had an idea in mind.

And will admit that the hip hop part of the evening didn’t sound appealing.

But that part of the evening didn’t really exist either.

It was just all fantastic performance from the open mic and the headliners.

Beautiful poetry that covered a wide range of important topics but also emotions. Really was just a fantastic evening with a friendly vibe. Highly recommend.

The event was called Word on the Street and is hosted by Underworld Konnect.

Hopefully I’ll get to attend again in the future. I’m not sure I’d ever perform my poetry there as I’m more of a behind the camera instead of in front of it kind of guy.

But was definitely inspiring.

Rest Of My Busy Week:

After leaving London on Thursday I managed to still keep myself outdoors a fair bit but also found myself consuming a lot of coffee and writing in various coffee shops.

I had already been toying with the idea of putting a poetry book together and the last few days had inspired me to work on that.

So I did.

Spent the days editing and sorting out the order for them.

I’m sure it’s still a little way off definitely becoming something but I think it will happen.

Had the added inspiration of the sun being out as well. Man I miss the sun.

In-between all this I worked plenty of hours at my night job and wrote a few different articles. Good balance all week. But tiring.

That said I hope for plenty more weeks like this one as I really do need to get out the house more especially with travelling still a few months away.

And I enjoyed myself.

So why wouldn’t I do it more often.






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