Coffee Shop Writer: Yes I Know It’s A Cliche

Coffee Shop Writer

Coffee Shop Writer:

I know I know, it’s a cliché. But I can’t help it. I’m a Coffee Shop Writer.

Just works for me. I like the background noise (Despite often listening to music). I like the movement of the place, the vibe, the atmosphere…

…The coffee.

It just works.

I find myself getting plenty written. There’s almost less distraction writing in a coffee shop than there is in an empty house at home. Less reason to procrastinate. Don’t have to distract myself with watching a film before I start writing or doing the washing up, or whatever.

Being a coffee shop writer takes all that away. Just me and my mac.

What Else Appeals?

Other than the general atmosphere and lack of distraction I find being a coffee shop writer helps me focus. I can really zone in on the story or characters. I generally seem to be in a more creative frame of mind. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like a better space for me or something.

Maybe the nice coffee helps light up my brain. Who knows.

But I definitely feel my work is stronger when I’m writing out and about.

I can be stuck on a scene or a story problem for ages and then I can sit in a coffee shop and the answer comes to me pretty quickly (My other two favourite places for working out problems are walking and the bath, both of which aren’t mac friendly).

In a coffee shop when the solution hits me I can be writing straight away rather than fumbling around on my iPhone notes desperately trying to not walk into a tree or drop my phone in the bath.

So less tears this way.

Expensive Way to Write?

Truth be told I don’t get to write in a coffee shop as much as I’d like for this very reason. It’s not like it cost a fortune but when you’re saving to travel and trying to clear debt three pound for a coffee when you have a jar at home can look like an unnecessary expense.

So I look at being a coffee shop writer in a slightly different way.

I see it as a place to go when I just have to get out my room. When I need this new space.

But also, It’s a treat. Or a reward.

It’s something to look forward too. I can write as much as possible at home. Really get the nuts and bolts of the story down and work myself into the ground and then once or twice a week I can break free of them four walls and get myself into a coffee shop.

Is a release.

So I know it’s a cliché. But it really works for me. In just about ever since of the word. I think if I had the money I’d just go to a different coffee shop every day to write. Do a cinnamon latte tour.

Can only imagine how much more I’d get done.







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