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creative days

Last Year:

For the last year of my life I’ve been working nights. There’s a couple of reasons for this but the biggest one by far is to give myself a chance of having creative days.

I don’t have a problem with writing at nights.

But after a 9-5 shift and making dinner and everything else like most people I tend to just want to chill.

Normally this will involve a film, or music.

But while I will still write, I’m not sure I ever get as much done as I like.

With working nights it’s different.

It gives me the whole day to write, shoot, take photo’s or whatever I feel like doing.

I’ve never been one for sleep, hate sleep. I’ve learnt to live on the bare minimum so even if it is an early morning finish, like 4am or something, I can still be up and creating by 10-11.

The opposite way round, just doesn’t seem to work.

How Am I Spending My Creative Days?

The short answer is anyway I want.

At first I was setting myself tasks and deadlines all the time but that wasn’t really working for me.

Then I took a different approach.

Just see how I feel when I wake up.

I always have something going on within writing, filming or photography so I can just see which of those I feel like each day and work on that.

With the extra time I seemingly have during the day it often means I can switch around a little as well.

My job is pretty physical and occasionally the hours are long and I can finish in the early hours of the morning, so if that all combines and I’m really feeling it then it’s easy to choose something a little more relaxed.

If I have loads of energy…

… Can go out and shoot something.

I feel like I’ve found a good combination where when I’m feeling highly motivated I can really cash in on this balance.

Can earn the money I need to get by and spend my time creating.

If the creativity dies down a little, then can work some extra hours so it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting time.

The Job

Another thing that allows for these creative days is the job itself.

Without being harsh on it. It’s a simple job. A far cry from the stresses I’ve had in the past as a manager. It isn’t a job that I have to take home with me in any way and that makes a big difference.

I can go to work, do my job and go home.

I told them that’s what I wanted and that’s what they wanted too, so worked nicely.

I’m capable of a lot more, am vastly over experienced for the position, but I don’t mind being a little selfish on this one. I just wanted to be able to write more and this allows it.

And they don’t have a problem with it.

I’m not holding a position up.

And for the moment at least I make enough money.

Am sure this balance will change one day.

And obviously I have a lot of ambition that extends beyond doing a job I could do in my sleep. But I needed the break. I needed things to just slow and be simple for a bit.

This provided that.

How Long Will The Balance Continue?

The whole balance wasn’t something I’d considered in the past.

Maybe because it wasn’t really an option and as life changed this somewhat presented itself.

But I like it, it works for me.

Like I said I have plenty of ambition and when that starts to take shape this job will be something that I won’t allow to get in the way of that so it does somewhat have a time limit.

I’ve written three scripts since I started this job a little less than a year ago. A couple of short films. Directed a music video. Started a novel and a short story book and advanced my photography a lot.

So no need to put it to one side until needed.

They know where I stand.

No one is getting hurt here. For once my relationship with my job is simple and I think that’s down to not having ambition within the job itself. I’ve been guilty of just caring to much in the past.

While I still work hard, that’s my default setting, I’m not out to make an impression.

The opposite in fact.

Just want to keep my head down and do my job well…

… Because doing that allows me to do all the stuff I really want to do with my life and gives me plenty of opportunity for creative days without feeling the effects of my day job.






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