Discovering Visual Poems and Escaping My Bedroom To Make One

Visual Poems

The Inspiration/Need

While clearing my debt I’ve spent the vast majority of my time locked away in my bedroom. It’s meant I’ve written a lot, and began to learn Mandarin, but at times boredom has well and truly settled in. As a means to try to escape that recently after discovering visual poems I set out to make one.

Poetry has become a bigger part of my life of late as I’ve dealt with the fall out of last year and the impatience of waiting for the future.

It’s allowed me to express a lot of what’s going on in my head.

And also has become another art form that I’ve fallen in love with.

While researching different ways to express these poems I discovered Visual Poems.

The first thing I done was head over to YouTube and search Visual Poems, Visual Poetry and every other combination of words I could think off.

While there weren’t thousands, there are definitely enough to inspire and enjoy. (Created a playlist of some of my favourites)

What struck me about the visual poems was that there appeared to be no real common way to approach them.

Some are visually beautiful, others simple.

Some visual poems were spoken, others just had words. Whether to have a soundtrack or not seemed half and half.

There are plenty of ways to approach this art form it seems.

So that’s what I set out to do.

Losing Myself in the Woods

At first I set out to shoot something for a different poem, a similar theme, but slightly different. By the time I reached my second location I’d written a new poem on my phone (that’s kinda a thing I do now) and suddenly there was a choice.

Having seen some different visual poems it didn’t take me long to work out which one would work best, the new one, which also happened to be the one I wanted to shoot now.

So that worked out well.

Attaching my Camera to my spider rig I lost myself in the muddy woods and filmed everything around me while listening to a host of amazing Taiwan Indie bands. (Which meant I couldn’t use any sound as it was clear through my headphones in every shoot. Luckily I already knew that).

It had been a while since I’d taken the camera out so I was in no rush to leave.

Felt amazing getting to shoot again.

Although it only being something simple, visual poems meant I was behind the camera again so I already loved them before even completing my first one.

Editing Visual Poems

Having directed and edited music videos in the past I had some idea how to approach visual poems.

I knew in my head how I wanted to cut together some of the footage I’d shoot but left plenty of room to play around in final edit.

While cutting it together I listened to a new artist and realised her sound was perfect for the project.

Love how these things come together.

Getting in contact with her I asked whether she’d be interesting in scoring the piece.

Was all coming together.

And like that I suddenly had a new interest. Visual Poems.

Now it’s a question of how many I’ll end up making as I think these will be a permanent part of my productions in the future.

Amazing how these things work.

Hopefully I’ll soon have the finish edit to show. It’s only my first attempt. But I enjoyed it a lot.



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