First Holiday And Already Using It As An Escape

First Holiday

My First Holiday

As I start to look forward and think more and more about my future travels I can’t help but look back at my first holiday. My first backpacking trip without my parents would come many years later, but for me, my first real trip on a plane and visiting a brand new country came in the form of a family holiday to Majorca (Mallorca)

I was nine at the time and couldn’t have been more excited despite not really knowing what to expect.

The timing of the holiday was difficult, my Nan had died a week earlier and we were due to be on holiday during her funeral. I don’t know how difficult a decision to make it was for my parents, especially my Mum, but for me this first holiday already represented a chance to escape from the troubles of everyday life.

Something I still always use them for.

Would travel everyday if I could but that’s another blog (and hopefully future).

Jumping on a plane for the first time we jetted off to Majorca…

…and to my first peek at something different.


Been about 25 years since this holiday so my mind might be a little blurry on this one…

… But I remember loving Majorca.

Was before it became more of a young persons party place and had enough new experiences to entertain me.

I remember The Caves of Drach being a particular highlight.

There where some ruins.

A few Mountains.

Multiple water parks (I think).

And a swimming pool at the hotel which in hindsight is the norm but totally new for me at the time.

The place was warm and sunny and the beach was a short trip down the steps of the hotel.  Everything nine-year old me wanted. (Although I will confess it wouldn’t be my ideal holiday now).

I was still a little fussy of an eater at the time but being that the main holidayers (is that the right word) to Majorca are British and German there was plenty of simple food on offer (None of which I’d really eat on holiday now).

There was a kid clubs ran by the hotel that my brother and I also enjoyed.

While not visiting water parks and hanging at the beach we drove around the islands insanely un-barriered mountain roads and got to see every day life on the beautiful island.

I was hooked.

Thoughts Thinking Back On It All

While it’s not a place I’d visit as an adult it definitely worked as a first holiday. For the next few years after that we visited plenty of European islands and each of them had their own thing going on.

I’ve never been on a holiday I didn’t enjoy.

And my first holiday was no exception.

I loved the sun, hearing a different language, meeting new people. Just the whole vibe of being in a hotel complex, away from school just worked for me. I explored as much as my young age would let me there and am pretty certain I would have wandered off to see more if I was allowed.

It gave me my first taste of life outside the UK.

For that I will always be grateful.






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