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What Do I Want?

For a while now I’ve dreamt of leaving England and heading to Taiwan. That dream expanded to staying there for some time, maybe even living there permanently, and then expanded further to starting my own production label while I live there. I’m sure my ambitions will grow further still, but that’s where I’m at, at the moment 🙂

I say production label because I’m not to sure what to call it. I want to make everything from music videos with the local extremely talented indie scene in Taiwan, to writing books, making short films, taking a ton of photo’s and everything in between.

Alongside that I’m looking to promote other people’s work as much as possible and just enjoy a very creative lifestyle. All while living away from England for the first time.

If all goes to plan Taiwan can be my base while I travel the world (over time) and film and photograph plenty in every country I visit (while always still doing my first love, writing).

That’s the plan in my head, and although the practical side could be very different, I love the theory and intend to strive for it.


Why The Blog?

With this new blog (old one here) I want to write about my travelling experiences and living in Taiwan, when it happens. Also want to show my own creative work through the production label and the work of others, from Taiwanese Indie bands that I hope to work with, to film stuff over Asia and the world.

There’s a lot of creativity in the world and I want to take part in it, and share it as much as I can, and believe this blog will aid that while also doubling as a travel journal.

It all sounds a little vague at the moment as I sit writing this in my bedroom in England. But I’m saving relatively quickly, and making new contacts all the time, so hopefully the start of this future is months away rather than anything longer and I can track it from beginning to never-ending enjoyment (Naive, I know) on here.


What is Kettle-On Production Label?

Kettle-On is our Production Label that we are looking to start in Taiwan (Maybe before then).

I describe it as a Production Label due to the huge amount of things we are looking to do, and the possible expansion of that in the future. I wouldn’t strictly call us a production company, and we’re not a record label, but we are looking to do our own work and promote others so I like to think we fall somewhere in-between.

We don’t want to tie ourselves down as there’s a lot we wish to do from shooting music video’s and acoustic sessions to making short films and documentaries. From Photography to writing Books, and plenty more. If all goes to plan maybe even release some records one day with some local talent, but that’s a little way off at the moment.

The important thing is we’re looking to do plenty of work. To get the production label started and work with some amazing artists and actors. Looking to promote their work, and our own, and bring more attention to the things we love and believe others will enjoy.

It’s early days yet, and we’re leaving plenty of flexibility and wiggle room in what we are looking to do so very excited to experience the different directions we’ll take. Am looking to share them all on here so that we have a journal of the adventure that everyone interested in can follow.


Where Do I Want To Travel?

To start with getting to Taiwan is my main focus. Then the more difficult task of setting up camp there with a job and getting some creative work started (I don’t speak Mandarin although I am learning so the job part really is making me anxious).

Hopefully once that happens and I can get some paid freelance work or sell a film script or something then I can look to travel the area.

I’ve seen a lot of Europe and a fair bit of America but outside of that Morocco is the only other country I’ve visited. I want to travel everywhere is the short answer to this section. With Taiwan as a base I can explore Asia and all of Taiwan itself and that sounds like a good start to me.

So that’s me, or at least what I’m looking to do.

Will cover more about myself in due course but for the moment just wanted to cover what the blog and production label are about.