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Multi purpose

Current Blog:

While I would describe the current blog as somewhat multi purpose I can see it becoming more and more so.

When I started the blog not that long ago I envisioned it going through  a few changes before becoming what I wanted it to be.

And that’s already started to happen.

At first the focus was on travel and production.

But I quickly added writing to that.

And can see other changes happening soon as well.

I like that the blog has a strong travel element to it. That’s something I haven’t done before. While I don’t really have any current travel to talk about I’m enjoying recalling old memories and when the travelling does start happening again I know there will be plenty of updates.

But at the moment travel is something in the future not the present.

The more present thing in my life is creativity.

And that’s what I want to add more off to the blog.

Making The Blog More Multi Purpose:

So my aim going forward is to introduce a much bigger creative aspect to the blog.

I will keep the categories simple enough still but am looking for them to contain more different things.

Within writing I write scripts, short stories, poetry, am working on a novel and who knows what else. My previous blog site covered all these towards the end and I’m looking to make that a thing on this one straight away.

Production wise I can’t wait to get to Taiwan and start directing music videos.

But I’m looking to do stuff here and want to cover that more as well.

Along with editing.

And a lot of photography.

I’m not sure how much personal stuff I’ll go into on here. That’s not really something I’ve done before. My blogs have always been about my work and my progress. But maybe at times if I deem it necessary I’ll slip some of that stuff in too.

A big change I’m looking to make is something that I set out to do from the start but haven’t really done yet,  and that’s promote other people’s work.

Especially the Taiwan Indie stuff.

But also anything that I love and find inspiring from all around the world.

Creativity is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life in all areas and I want to continue to explore and share as much of it as I can.

When Are The Multi Purpose Changes Happening?

I’m not looking to make any huge changes to the way the site looks but more casually slip more multi purpose stuff in.

Just try a few more different types of blog posts.

I know that blogs are meant to be pretty niche but I’ve always struggled with that.

I like talking about everything.

So will just see how a few different blogs go and whether that starts creating different categories or tags that need to be made into sections.

Or whether it can continue working how it is.

Basically we’ll see how it all goes and how the blog starts taking shape.

But my aim at the moment is to make it more:

  • Creative
  • Focus more on writing
  • Share other people’s work
  • Try a few different posts.

Alongside this I want to continue to try to improve my blog writing ability and hopefully put together something fantastic over the next three years that really showcases my work and experiences while promoting others too.

So here’s hoping the blog continues to develop while I wait to travel, and beyond.




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