Music Back In My Life and Staying There This Time


Importance of Music:

I’ve always been into music (and know I’m far from alone on that one) but the last year or two of my life it’s felt like it’s more important to me than ever and that includes my college years where music was ever-present and gig going was an almost weekly thing.

This last year or two it’s just been vital.

As vital as film.

Which for me is saying something.

And while given the choice of the two I’d always pick film, I can’t deny that it’s closer than ever in some regards.

I still know little to nothing about the technical side of music. 

I can’t play any instruments. Have tried and failed with both the guitar and drums in the past and my singing is just awful.

I can’t read it or hear the subtle touches when I listen.

For me it’s just purely about feeling.

About mood and emotion.

A lot of what I listen to isn’t in English so half the time it’s not even about the lyrics.

It’s more about the sound, the composition, the beautiful voice delivering the words.

It’s about how it gets to my heart and soul.

Current Listening:

I probably listen to a wider range of music than I have at any other point.

Stuff that I would never have listened to in the past is now some of my favourite music.

It’s no longer about just listening to metal, or mellowing and becoming an emo person. Now it’s anything that I enjoy and provokes an emotion.

Some stuff still sounds better in films to me than through my iTunes.

But it’s less clear-cut.

I’ve even written a few songs this year that I doubt will see the light of day, but that’s something I’d never considered before despite being a writer.

I know I’ll never be good with an instrument but I find myself wanting to be involved with music more.

How I’d Like To Be Involved In Music:

Directing music videos is definitely high on my list of things I want to do.

Things I need to do.

I’m sure I’ll try to write a few more songs as well.

Maybe even probably learn how to.

And by write I mean lyrics, not music, because that’s just not where my talents lie at all. That goes alongside drawing as one of those things I’d love to be able to do but plain and simply can’t.

Directing MV’s can happen.

Shooting acoustic sessions and live gigs can also happen.

Photographing gigs would be awesome too.

I’ve looked into gig photography a lot and would love to give that a try.

So with music becoming more important to me than ever before my desire to involve myself in it increases too.

That will happen.

But for the moment I’m just going to continue to enjoy the beautiful music filling my new headphones and exciting my heart and soul.

My love for it will just grow.

And I welcome it, because for a while there it was starting to fall out of my life…

… But everyone should have music in their life.



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