Music Video’s I’ve Directed So Far

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What Music Video’s Have I Made So Far:

I’ve always loved music video’s and found myself becoming increasingly more interested in making them over the last two years. Finally last year It was clear that the time to make one had arrived.

Given short notice by a friend of ours in Taiwan we were set the task of making a music video in a day so it could be shown at a festival in Taiwan that weekend. Luckily I’d brought all my camera equipment with me (Shoot on a Canon 700d with a 50mm prime lens) and we had the day to ourselves.

Surely it was just meant to be.

So that day we set about making our very first music video “The Train”.

(Will speak more about the shoot below)

The second music video came about after hearing Paul’s latest song and just having an image in my head of how a video for it could play out.

Had the house to myself for two days and everything I needed for the video so once again seemed like it just had to be made.

Had more time to edit this one but was all done in a weekend.

That video is “This Song is About You”

Shooting “The Train”

Without having to much of a plan for the shoot due to the short notice we set out to spots that we’d scouted for other projects. The idea behind the video was mostly to capture the vibe of the song.

We didn’t have the time for anything to fancy but I’d spent the whole of the summer learning how to use my camera better ( Found this book very useful ) and now was the right time to put that to the test.

Spending about half an hour to an hour in each location we tried out a few different angles and different parts of the song. Having already accepted that without a solid plan we’d have to rely on it coming together in editing it was all about the shots themselves.

Must admit, I liked it that way.

Was a beautiful day weather wise, along with being a week day, so we had the perfect overhead conditions and few interruptions.

All came together well and was definitely a positive experience to get the ball rolling on our music video’s career.

Editing “The Train”

With plenty of footage shot and the afternoon ticking away the editing process began. I’ve seen plenty of music video’s but this was the first time editing one since my school days. (Wish I still had a copy of that).

Along with getting better using my camera I’d spent a fair chunk of the summer learning Final Cut Pro X.

I’ve always been an adobe person but changed when I got my Mac.

This was my first big test with it.

And have to say I loved editing the music video on Final Cut. Felt very instinctive and soon the story started coming together.

It became clear early on that what we shot worked well as an almost making off music video. That the video itself was about the creative process (something we’d picked up on early in the shoot). We hadn’t the time to play and perform the song over and over so knew there wasn’t too much to match up but was enough snippets to put a performance together and almost show the song forming.

The edit took most of the night and there’s definitely things I’d change about it especially after some very constructive feedback, but overall am very proud of our first effort.

Shooting “This Song Is About You”

A few years earlier we’d made a stop motion short for a 48 hour film challenge and I’d always wanted to go back and do another.

The second I heard this song I knew this was the time to do it.

I loved how charming the song was and knew a stop motion style would suit that.

With the house to myself and armed with my camera’s (added a canon 500d since the last shoot) I set about making the stop motion on my own. I’m no animator so I wasn’t interested in doing it perfectly as knew that wouldn’t happen no matter how hard I tried.

Instead I just wanted to capture the charm of it all.

I felt the movements being a little ropey would help that.

So over two days I shoot the video in order spending plenty of time on each scene without going into great detail. Two of the scenes I’d definitely do a little different but overall everything looked the way I wanted it too.

Half way through the shoot my tripod exploded which wasn’t fun. But luckily I was able to fix the broken head and carry on, although I still had the spider rig as back up.

I had to completely change the last scene as the stars refused to do what I needed them to do.

But It just gave me the opportunity to try something different. No problems just creative solutions type deal.

Although given the time I’d probably would have preferred the original ending.

Either way I liked the end result.

Editing “This Song Is About You”

The editing process for this music video was unlike anything else I’d done before where it was all still images. I’d looked up how to do it all beforehand so that I could jump right in (although it turned out the way to do it was exactly what I’d already worked out).

I’d laid the track down first and worked out how long each image best worked on-screen.

Like to think I got the balance right on that one but am sure there was a few different ways I could have done it.

Had to cut out some scenes that didn’t play, but that all felt part of the process.

Over the weekend I put together a rough cut and could feel it coming together.

After that I spent some time with the rough edges and colour corrected the whole thing before nervously showing it to a few people in the industry.

Luckily the reaction was great as I can truly say that, quality good or not, I really put my heart into this one and was happy with the work I’d put in.

As always there are things I’d change, but I tend to leave things alone once I put them out there.

What Music Video’s Would I Love To Shoot In The Future

The short answer is there are a lot of music video’s I’d love to shoot in the future. Most of my favourite bands are releasing albums this year. The quality off music video’s in Taiwan is getting stupid.

So many of them already this year have been amazing…

…And I want to get over there and be apart of it.

I watch them all the time.

Have also set up a playlist on our YouTube channel of our favourites.

But what I really really want is to be over their making them.

That’s my dream.

So many bands I want to work alongside.

Hoping that the work I’ve done so far can be part of the process towards living that dream.



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  1. I’ve been using Adobe Premier Pro. Never tried Final Cut. Premier Pro is the bomb though. Very easy to use. Very intuitive. And a lot of power.

    The only downside is the cost – $20/month. It adds up.

    Our latest video we shot in a theater and finished up the outdoor scenes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

    Where did you shoot The Train? You said it was for a music festival in Taiwan. Was that in Taiwan, or did you just showcase it there?

    • Hey. Yeah I always used to use Adobe Premier but moved across to Final Cut when I got my Mac. Think both are great programs and happy using either (Although probably forgot a fair bit of Premier Pro now). We shot the Train in the UK in Southampton for a festival a friend of ours was part of in Taiwan. She recommended it to help us get a bit more exposure there and we shot an interview for it as well which I may chuck on the blog one day. Is your MV on your page, if so will check it out.

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