No Active Screenplay For The First Time

active screenplay

Active Screenplay:

For the first time in ten plus years of script writing I have no active screenplay.

Usually I have a couple of scripts on the go, maybe more. Two features and a TV pilot has often been the combination I’ve worked with.

But for the first time, nothing.

Not a single active screenplay.

I’ve got plenty of ideas.

A few scripts that are one or two drafts in.

But they’re not what I would call an active screenplay. These are drafts that were written many years ago and haven’t been touched since.

I’m sure I’ll get back to them.

But not certain that that will happen at this exact moment.

So Why No Active Screenplay?

It wasn’t something I was looking to happen. It just has.

For so long I always had so many on the go that it felt like nothing was ever getting finished. Then I started finishing them.

This pattern repeated itself two or three times. Were I’d go a year or two without having anything newly finished and then suddenly I’d have a couple of screenplays ready.

The same has happened again.

But this time with no overlap.

I think part of that is due to being distracted with other writing. I finished a screenplay back in January, then another one around April and this latest one in August, with two of the three having been worked on over a long length of time.

But in-between these instead of starting a new script idea…

… I began writing other stuff instead.

Lots of poems that I’m going to put together into a book.

A short story book. (Which has been its own journey)

Began writing a novel (which started life as an abandoned screenplay).

All of these filled in a gap that is normally reserved for my next script.

Wasn’t purposeful. Just had other ideas.

And now as I finish my latest horror feature, I’m left with a blank screen in front of me, as far as scripts go anyway.

Not as far as writing goes because of all the above.

So What Now?

The honest answer is I don’t know.

I literally have never been in this position before.

For ten to fifteen years solid I have had loads of scripts on the go. Have completed 7 features with an average of 4-5 drafts for each. A couple of TV pilots, web shows, short films.

I don’t even have any short films half written.

They’re all complete too.

Have some web show ideas that are half written but again nothing I would call active. All stuff that maybe I will go back to, maybe I won’t.

I have options.

Two different friends have ideas they’d like me to work on with them. Both idea’s I like and work I’d like to do.

But that would be a collaboration in the background.

Different from what I would class as an active screenplay.

Different from something I’m working on day and night with every spare second I have and don’t have.

I have plenty of ideas.

Multiple one pagers or outlines written up ready to go.

But I have a slight reluctance to start any of them at the moment and it’s not because I don’t want to be writing a script, because I do.

Why The Reluctance?

I think the reluctance comes from the other writing I’ve been doing.

It’s helped me further find my voice.

That and my life has changed a lot over the last few years.

I’m more thinking that I want to try something a little different. I wrote a script not to long ago that I finished in April that was more personal to me. Wasn’t a genre script. Was something as well that I believe I could direct myself on a low to no budget.

And I’m thinking I might want to carry on along that path a little more.

I love writing genre.

Especially horror and exploitation.

They will never be far from my thoughts and I have plenty of ideas for more. One in particularly that was really banging around in my head last night.

But rather than writing something that would need a studio or reasonable budget behind it I like the idea of once again writing something I could direct for little to no money.

I don’t need to do this, as the other script that I’ve written like this could distract me for a long time if I try to make it.

But that sort of writing and thinking is interesting me a lot at the moment. Writing to a limitation while not trying to be limited.

It appeals.

Feels like a challenge I’m ready to accept.

Especially if it really feels like the next level to my voice as well.

The only problem is this is the one thing I don’t have an idea for.


But idea’s have never been hard for me to come by.

I’m fortunate with that.

What Have I Decided Should Be My Next Active Screenplay?

I think it will be something low-budget and simple.

Something I could potentially make.

I can’t see myself just having one script on the go. I’m sure I’ll return to my old ways and have 2 or 3 if I don’t end up getting commissioned to write something.

Have to many idea’s to not be active.

But I have enjoyed getting stuff finished and want to carry on that trend.

Don’t want my next completed screenplay to be in 2019 or something. So I do need to find a balance that works.

I think the next one though will be a completely new idea rather than something I’ve already written an outline for.

Not sure why.

Just like the idea of throwing myself into something from scratch.

So many of these idea’s come from when I was in a different place.

I’m curious as to where my mind is currently at.

Should be fun.













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