Old Writing Vs New Projects: Who Gets Priority

Old Writing

Old Writing Vs New Projects:

I’ve been caught in limbo recently between wanting to finish off old writing or starting new.

By old writing I mean things that are basically almost finished to half-finished. Scripts and stories that I’ve been working on for a while and can see the finish line.

By new writing I mean more recent ideas that are in my head that I have the desire to start, but am not sure I should yet.

Should I finish what I’ve started, or work more on what’s in my head?

I ask this question a lot.

The Problem:

I think the problem stems from how late into a lot of projects I am.

Lots of final drafts. Or support material.

I won’t go as far to say the boring stuff.

But writing up a treatment for something I’ve been working on for a year or two isn’t as stimulating as creating a whole new world and bunch of characters.

But it is necessary in order for the next stage after writing.

I.e selling.

I know if I sit down for about 6 weeks I can get the final draft of my new horror feature script finished and write-up the support material for that one and the last two other scripts I have.

But I could also use them same 6 weeks to work on a new idea or shoot a music video.

I want to lean towards the latter. It feels more current and relevant at the moment.

The responsible thing however is definitely to finish off the old writing. It just makes more sense to get it done. Finished. Don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Until I try to sell it anyway.

Convincing Myself:

The trouble I have is that in convincing myself to finish the old writing, which I believe is what I want to do, I worry that I simply won’t get anything done.

That I’ll wake up each day not wanting to face that today and will end up not.

I have very good discipline for the most part.

But have sometimes lacked that last 5-10% needed.

I’ve finished a lot of work so I know I’m capable. It’s just when I started some of these scripts I was in a different place in my life.

I’m keen to move onto new projects that reflect where I’m at now.

But I know the quality of the scripts I’ve written is good, and I still fully believe in them. They’re just not the genre or type of thing I want to be writing at this moment.

Although that can change.

Think I’m talking in circles now.


Really do want to get these scripts and support material finished.

But not rushed finished.

I’m worried if I leave it now I won’t go back to it for to long and will lost momentum. Best thing to do is to somehow get myself in the right mindset and finish it now. Put in a big effort for 6 more weeks and then start afresh on some new exciting projects.

That would be best…

… We’ll see.


Anyone else faced with this problem?


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