Previous Holidays Before I Can Look Ahead

previous holidays

Intro To Previous Holidays:

While a massive part of me is trying to look forward all the time I’m always going to be someone who can’t help but look back. Future travels are a real possibility now but I know I’m not quite there money wise yet and for the moment my travel blogging is going to have to consist of previous holidays and travels.

It gives me a chance to reflect on where I’ve been.

How important these places where to me

And how they influenced me. (Which a lot of them have).

All while sharing with everyone details and experiences of amazing places that I’ve visited and what I done there.

So Where Have I Been ?

Before I was old enough to set out by myself and pay for my own travels my previous holidays mostly consisted of family holidays to European islands and a big trip to Orlando Florida roughly every four years.

My very first holiday was to Majorca. (When I was nine)

After that was Rhodes and Malta before that first trip to America.

Malta was probably when I first really fully caught the travel bug. While Majorca felt like a theme park half the time and Rhodes was a sleepy island Malta had some real life to it where we were staying. Suddenly I was trying new foods and talking to people and seeing an actual town rather than a hotel complex.

I loved it. It was also a longer holiday than the previous two and that worked for me as well.

After an amazing America trip we went to Zante and Gran Canaria before returning to America for a second time. Zante was a beautiful place and one of two European islands I’ve been too that I’d love to visit again.

Following the second America  trip was Lanzarote (The other island I’d go back too) and Salou where I experienced being hangover at a theme park for the first time.

Rounding off the family holidays was Crete, and Orlando once again in a bigger family trip.

Travelling Without My Parents

While I loved all my previous holidays with my parents my world opened up further when I began to travel without them. I replaced the holiday islands with cities and started seeing a lot more of the real Europe.

My first experience of this was in 2003 when a friend and I Interrailed around Europe for 22 days. I was 20 at the time and knew that my life was really beginning with this trip.

It’s a cliché I know.

But backpacking changed my life.

I’ll go into greater detail on a future blog but this experience was one that will live with me forever.

Following that was city breaks with my girlfriend at the time to Prague (for my 21st birthday), Paris (A year after my inter rail began there), Rome, Vegas, LA. Morocco.

And within that a second Interrail on my own for another 20 day which covered a lot of places I’d missed. (But again more of that in the future).

Just nothing but amazing places.

From this point things started to slow down a little.

(Although did also get a week in New York)

I took a couple of trips to Belgium for music festivals and my last family holiday to date with my parents to Orlando again in 2008 but other than that I haven’t been on a plane since.

I’ve had a couple of incredible breaks to Caen, but even that is a few years ago now.

Series of Blog on Previous Holidays

So my plan for these blogs isn’t to go holiday to holiday…

…but more pick places and moments that have helped shape me.

I want to talk about the two inter rail trips in greater details as to date they have been the biggest travels of my life, but also they’re the places that helped me discover myself more.

Hopefully by the time I finish this series of blogs it will coincide with me going on new adventures and being able to talk about travel in a present tense rather than past but for the moment reliving past travels will have to do and that’s not the worst thing as I’ve never been on a holiday I didn’t love.






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