Reset Button: How I’m Starting My Life Over

Life after the reset button

The Reset Button:

I’ve never been one to overly focus on the negatives in my life, so I won’t here, but what I will say is this journey began for me during the worst year of my life. 2016 sucked for a lot of people, I was no exception. My entire life changed, largely self-inflicted, partly not. Either way the reset button had been well and truly pressed in every area my life…

…except money, while everything else changed, sadly my stupid debt remained.

I’m not sure at what point I made the decision. Probably after I quit the job I once loved and now hated more than anything else ever, but once the thought properly entered my mind, there was no turning back. It was very obvious to me what I should do with my life…

… I will move to Taiwan and start a production label.

Sounds random when I put it like that, crazy even, but there is a method to it.

Why am I doing this?

I was already planning a trip over there, a few weeks to visit some friends I’d made and to explore what looks like a gorgeous country. But a few weeks weren’t enough anymore…

…Not with how my ambitions where growing, despite my life feeling static after the reset button.

I listen to a lot of Taiwan indie music, along with other Asian music. Watch a ton of cinema from what part of the world (mostly Korean, but increasing Hong Kong and Taiwanese), binge watch music videos from there. Keep an eye out for plenty of photography and live gigs. Basically a large portion of my artistic viewing is from Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

And all of this has made me want to go there to do my own work.

I want to join in with the vast creativity.

I feel more in sync with the work being produced there than in the UK or America.

Plus I’ve always wanted to try living abroad (Grown tired of England) and have never travelled to Asia, so why not go all in, after all no point pressing said reset button and just living the same life.

The Plan:

So the plan is simple. Although I know the execution won’t be…

…Move to Taiwan and get a part-time job to support myself while I create music video’s, short films, mini documentaries and a dozen other things I like to make for my own production label. The work can be either paid, or not, as long as I’m making stuff. (Although fingers crossed for a happy balance of both).

It would require me finding a place to live, getting a  job when I don’t speak Mandarin (have started learning but years away from being any good), networking with the artists I’d like to work with their and creating my own production company/label that shows of my work along with spreading the love of other people’s work I admire.

Couldn’t be easier 🙂 … Right?

Some of the details are a little fuzzy in my head, others like finding a job job out there make me very anxious, but one thing is for certain… This all feels right.

This is exactly what I should be doing for myself.

Upcoming Prologue:

I will go through a few things on different blogs during the build up to the journey. A prologue before my true adventure begins later this year. Then the travel aspect of the blog will fully begin alongside my life changing forever. Hopefully this will create an interest blend of travel and creativity that I can share with you all and keep as a record for myself to fondly look back on.

I’m certain as excited and positive as I am that things will be difficult.

I’m taking myself way way outside my comfort zone, but I know this is right.

It combines my love of writing, creating and travelling all together and is an experience I welcome.

Will be in a permanent state of buzzed and nervousness i’m sure, but will be happy and proud of myself on top of that.

So… lets see how this goes 🙂


(Have expanded this blog more on my About Page)


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