Short Stories And How I Really Need To Write More

short stories

My History with Short Stories:

Short stories are one of those things that have just come in and out of my life.

When I was younger, much younger, I was writing them all the time. Plenty for school, but of my own back too. I loved them and couldn’t get enough.

That continued for a while.

Taking English Language and Literature at college I continued with the short stories and even began to make big improvements, despite my not so great in my opinion college lecturer views.

I used to write loads of adventure stuff, and then that switched around completely to slice of life shorts.

I wrote a few short stories on planes and in my travels and am annoyed with myself for not keeping those. (Although I probably do have them somewhere in one of my 100 different binders).

Then around the time I started working full-time they stopped.


I can’t fully blame it on the full-time work though as that wasn’t the biggest reason they stopped.

The biggest reason was that I was scriptwriting every spare second I had and with the full-time job that just meant there wasn’t room for short stories in my life anymore.

Sorry, had to go.

Made a Brief Comeback:

I’m sure I wrote one or two in the seven years working in a video store that followed but if I did I can’t remember them.

Every day was about scriptwriting and working towards travelling.

Short stories weren’t the only thing to be ditched for script writing. My poetry had stopped as well along with any number of social things that didn’t involve watching movies.

My photography disappeared. Something that I’ll always regret now that it’s such an important part of my life again.

Just wasn’t room.

But they did finally comeback a few years after the video store.

When my life had been turned upside for the first time (not the last) and I found myself working in a card shop as a sales assistant (having previously managed the video store for the last 3 of the 7 years) they made a return.

During a conversation with my now Ex’s mum she mentioned the name of someone she used to work with and it just instantly gave me an idea for a character.

Not the guys personality, or what he done. The name.

I set about writing a short story of him as opposed to a script because the character was a space adventurer and I don’t like working with green screen, or have any kind of short film budget to ever set anything in space.

But I had to write about him.

So short story it was.

Suddenly the mythology of the guy led to other short stories and different characters and I found myself beginning to build a world.

Then I got distracted.

Where Am I Now With My Short Stories:

It’s now about 5 years on from that moment. That all to brief summer where I wrote four stories and planned out another couple.

I’d written another short story based on a script I wrote as well for a horror competition ran by Create50 but that also got lost in the shuffle and never submitted.

So why the interest again?

The interest comes from both me having these stories back in my head and wanting to put the collection together into a book.

And from looking into freelance work.

There is a lot of freelance work out there it seems for short stories and while I believe I can do a good job with them it occurred to me that I have nothing to prove this.

I could maybe dig out some short stories from college but…

… that hardly represents my growth as a writer over the last 15 years.

I’d only end up revising them.

So why not start somewhat a fresh.

Or at least with the ones I began a few years back.

And that’s what I intend to do. I’ve already began working on revising the four that were written and later intend the unenviable task of digging out the others I started from my mountain of folders locked away in my wardrobe.

I loved these stories when I was writing them and that love hasn’t died down.

It’s a collection of kids shorts that I started writing shortly after my nephew was born and it’s taken me so long to get back to them that he could probably read a little of them.

By the time I’m finished I think they’d at least make good bedtime stories for him.

Other Idea’s For Short Stories

As is the way with me the second I started thinking about writing short stories again plenty more idea’s for them pop into my head.

Idea’s have never been the issue.

In fact I have too many.

But I can’t help it. I love writing and creating and welcome more ideas.

The difference this time is that I really do need to start finishing some of the work both for myself, and as a strong writing sample to help me get more paid work doing things I love. (Although I know I’ll ditch the freelance idea to just work on my own stuff, always the way).

I already have two different horror anthologies planned to go along with the kids short stories book. But they are going to have to wait.

First up, these kids stories need to be written.





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